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Posted on Friday, August 18, 2023

Our Vision

Scapin' in short

We are building the next generations' social communications platform.
We are enabling people to build and socialize in virtual spaces. As avatars, users can be whoever they want to be - no real photos or names required - and interact in completely new ways.
Combining the feeling of being together in the same space, the ability to express oneself simply but effectively, and nurturing creative passion is what will make virtual experiences go mainstream. As people discover these benefits and compare them to existing social products - there is no going back!
Most people will eventually hang out in virtual worlds - and Scapin' will provide the social spaces tying it all together.

The Loneliness Problem of Today

Generation Z is the loneliest generation so far, followed by Millennials (it's been moving in the wrong direction). We don't think it's a coincidence that the latest adult generation are also referred to as "digital natives".
The current digital products and interfaces are great for making certain type communications and activities more efficient (e.g. we make plans by messaging, we buy certain things online only). Digital communication has also enabled interacting more often in shorter sprints, and sharing content.
The problem with some of our largest digital products is that they either reduce the social component of some of our previously social activities (shopping on Amazon, watching movies on Netflix, "meeting" on Zoom), or limit our ability for expression to sending a text bubble (Whatsapp) or an image (Snap).
It's easy to see how digital technologies have made us lonelier. But we don't believe the solution is less technology, but rather solving the problem with better technology.

Our Virtual Future

Virtual will be for everyone. Hundreds of millions are already doing it, and soon, everyone is going to hang out in virtual spaces with avatars as the identity. It will be the main interface for how we interact when not sharing physical space.
If this sound strange, consider again how much time we already spend in digital interfaces, expressing digital versions of ourselves (think of any given social platform of today).
Virtual and spatial interfaces will be a major upgrade to today's digital communication and social experiences as they enable better and more fun ways to interact.
Virtual will help us connect. A lot of our socializing today happens when not sharing physical space. Virtual will improve our ability to form relationships during such interactions.
Sharing (virtual) space, rather than chat groups, combines presence-based interactions with better options for expression - powered by much stronger visual experiences than we see today.
Virtual interactions will also maintain the lowered barrier to reach out that is a positive effect of many of today's social products (consider the difference in effort to meeting physically or a video call).
We foresee, better, simpler and more frequent opportunities to build connection in environments where only your imaginations sets the limits.
Virtual Social will be powered by the Metaverse.
If digital social products have been powered by the Internet, virtual social will be powered by the Metaverse.
Virtual identities, goods and worlds will merge into an interoperable realm that allows you to bring your avatar(s) and personal in-game assets anywhere, into any virtual experience.
Some of our day-to-day activities will stay in typical internet-powered digital interfaces, but others (including social) will have a natural home in the Metaverse.

Building the Platform for Building Connection

It's early days so we don't want to share too much until we have come a little further. But let us at least share our product direction, what has inspired us and what we think is important.
We love games! But we are focussed on social. Hundreds of millions of gamers already spend time in virtual worlds on a weekly basis. People no longer play only for typical game-like objectives (e.g. win, shoot, kill), but also to connect with others and make friends.
The gaming universe is a huge inspiration to us and the AAA-Online Games are core to the coming Metaverse, but we want to make the virtual spaces even more accessible.
We envision a product where anyone can easily socialize in, and experience, the benefits of virtual settings. It should not be harder than using a Messaging app but with few limitations to social experiences that take form.
Social means building connection! Not personal broadcasting.
We want to enable enhanced expression in shared spaces as key conditions to help people form more and deeper relationships in their online interactions (meaningful relationships is our key metric).
An avatar allows limitless self-expression and allowing users to bond by creating content and build virtual spaces together will further strengthen a sense of belonging.
Furthermore, we are creating an environment where communities can form based on interest rather than your pre-defined social graph. We would love to help people discover new passions!
Finally, these settings will reflect how we actually form relationships. 1-on-1 or few-to-few interactions will be in focus. This is in contrast to massive all-to-all platforms - we are not about every individual broadcasting their lifestyle or opinions to a massive audience.
This is a Platform! But we are not alone in building the Metaverse.
To truly create something magic with Scapin', we believe that the power to create content and invent new experiences needs to reside with users, creators and developers. Anybody should be able to contribute in their own way.
So while we will focus on providing a simple, yet powerful, toolkit for social interaction, the platform will be open and we will invest heavily in making contributions from others a rewarding experience.
The Metaverse will not be built by one party and our goal is to collaborate with anyone who shares our vision of a positive, creative and simply more fun space to connect with more people.

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