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Unity Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, August 18, 2023

Unity Developer

In a few bullets

We are building the next generations' social communication platform (read our vision here).
You will develop our app using Unity as the core development platform.
You will work with persistent virtual worlds and state of the art AR and animation technology.
The team is only a few people so there is lots of impact and responsibility.
We are backed by Creandum and Heartcore, investors behind Spotify, Depop, Klarna, Kry, iZettle, Small Giant Games and Tink.
Apply by sending your LinkedIn or CV to joachim@scapinlabs.com
💡 Don't be discouraged if the role description is not a perfect description of you or your experience. Talent exists everywhere! Apply and let us explore if we are meant to work together.

What you will be building

We are building a product where users meet as avatars in interactive virtual spaces that they can create themselves. This includes technology for:
Users to express themselves and interact through their avatars
Users to build persistent virtual worlds
Users to create and sharing virtual assets and other content
While we are borrowing a lot from games, we don't want to borrow the load times - so performance for computing and networking are important factors.

Loads of Freedom - with loads of responsibility

From concept to reality: It's important that you can be part of continuously delivering, learning and iterating on our product.
First team: We are not only a small team. You will actually be joining the only team. This means that we will tackle company opportunities (and problems) as one unit.
Setting high standards: You will be one of the first developers so it's crucial that the quality of the solutions and code you build scale with our coming massive user base and also to be used and built upon by a big team of future developers.

Experience that would be valuable

💡 Don't forget, this is a wish list. Not a "you-need-to-have-all list".
Experience as a Unity developer in a team building a game or other interactive experience.
Having coded for Unity with C#, including automated testing, version control and other best practices.
Experience of working in a cross functional team/environment together with 3D-Artists, Animators and other functions.
A fascination for the potential of the Metaverse (read more here, and go deep here) will help you understand our vision.

How Scapin' will help you succeed in work and life

We have built great teams before. We know the importance of - and will work hard - to make sure you are surrounded by the best people, and that we can all have fun at work.
You will be meaningfully compensated. This includes salary, benefits and a stake in the business.
We focus on reaching our vision. As long as we achieve our goals, working hours and location are flexible. We will have an office in Stockholm but expect to work with a remote team.
We believe in openness and trust. We will work hard to ensure that everyone feel included, that your ideas will be surfaced and that we succeed or fail together as a team.

We would love to hear from you!

Send us your application and we will move fast to us explore if we are meant to work together. We need you as soon as possible. But we are willing to wait for the right candidate.
Apply by sending your LinkedIn or CV to joachim@scapinlabs.com